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Body Language 2023!

Body Language 2023 - Out To Sea!

The "Body Language 2023 - Out To Sea" Performance will be held at the Courtyard Theatre in Plano, June 19-21, 2023!

ALL PDT Dance Arts Dancers are invited to perform in our annual recital.  If your child takes classes at PDT Dance Arts and would like to participate, please fill out the form below.  

The deadline to sign up for the June performance will be March 1st, 2023, in order to get all costumes in on time for the show.  

The fee to participate will be $165.  This fee includes the costume, accessories, tights, dress rehearsal time & performance fees.  If your child is in more than one class, you may elect to have them perform in the dances for both classes for an additional costume fee of $75.  If your child is in multiple classes, but you would only like them to perform with one of those classes, please specify on your form which class you'd like them to perform with so we know which costume to order for your dancer.

  • Example I: Suzie is in Ballet I and HipHop I.  She would like to perform in the dance for both of her classes.  Her fee would be $240, she would get two costumes and perform in two dances in the performance.

  • Example II: Jane is in Ballet I and Jazz I but she would only like to perform with her Jazz I Class.  Her fee will be $165. Her parent will specify she would only like to do her Jazz dance in the show on her form.  She will receive one costume and perform with her Jazz class for the performance.

Students will learn their dance for the performance in their classes.  

Costumes will be distributed prior to the performance.

Students will need to be available all 3 days of the performance, though they will only need to attend the performance their class is assigned.  These assignments will be posted March 15th so you will have plenty of time to prepare for the big day!

As we get closer to performance, this page will contain all information you need for the performance.  Please check this page whenever we send out emails with updates.


Sign up is now open!  Please fill out the form below to sign up to participate in

"Body Language 2023 - Out to Sea!"

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