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New Student Information

Welcome To PDT Dance Arts!

Let us help you get started at PDT!

Step 1: Getting Started!

Find the PDT location most convenient to you!  PDT Allen or PDT Prosper?

  • Look at the list of available classes at PDT and decide which classes you're interested in taking. 

  • Look for the available classes on our schedule and see which options fit your schedule.


Step 2: Get Informed!

  • Find out what you or your child will need to wear to their classes on our Dress Code Page.

  • Find out about your child's teacher by looking through our Faculty Page.

  • Find out about PDT's family atmosphere on our Anniversary Video Page and Photo Albums

Step 3: Schedule a free trial class! 

To schedule a free trial class, you'll need to visit our Registration Page and create a free account.  Once in your account portal, you can select "Schedule a Trial" from the class of your choice.

Step 4: Come in for your free trial class!

For your free trial class, you can wear something comfortable to move around in.  If you're doing a trial class for Ballet levels I-IV we ask that you please follow dress code requirements for your class.

Step 5: Register

Once you've enjoyed your trial class, you can register for your classes!  Visit our registration page and log into your portal.  From your portal, you can add the classes of your choice.

Step 6: See more Options!

Interested in joining our Conservatory Day program or our Competitive Team?  Check out our pages on these programs and send us a message for detailed information.


Step 7: Stay Connected

Download our app for the most up to date PDT information.  You can have your account, the studio calendar, and all things PDT right at your fingertips!  Find the link below and at the bottom of every page of our website! 

PDT Dance Arts FAQ


Welcome to PDT Dance Arts!  We know you have questions, let us help you navigate your way around, find the classes you need and get you ready for your free trial class!


How do I know what level/class to put my child in?

  • If your child is 2-5 years old, you will want to start with “Mini Movers” (2.5-5yrs old)

  • If your child is 5-12 years old, we have beginner level classes that specify what age group each class is. 

    • For example: Hip Hop 5-8 is Hip Hop Class for 5-8year old children.

  • If your child is 12-19 years old, you may want to email us and let us know if they are a beginner or what kind of prior experience your child has had so we can help you find the best options for your child.

  • If you are an adult you are welcome to take ANY class you like, but we also offer classes just for adults!


How do I register for my free trial class?

  • Go to our Campus Schedule page to find the classes that fit your dancer’s interests.   

  • Go to our registration page to create your account and select the "Schedule a Trial" for class you'd like!    


What is the tuition for my child’s classes?

Tuition is monthly based on how many classes a child takes.  You can find our tuition rates on our  Registration Page.


What qualifications do the PDT instructors have?

You can find all of our instructor’s bios on our  Faculty Page of this website.  Our instructors are of the highest quality and strongest of hearts giving our students the very best education in a nurturing environment!


What should my child wear to his/her trial class?

Your child may wear anything comfortable they can move around in to their trial class.  Once registered, all dancers are expected to follow our Dress Code


Where can I get the dance wear my child needs for class?

On our dress code page you can order dance wear and shoes and they will be sent directly to you! If you’d like to purchase your dance wear and shoes from a local store, you can visit Sandy’s Dancewear in Plano or Upstage Dance Wear in McKinney!  You can also order PDT bags, shirts, sweats, jackets and other fun things from our online store here:   PDT Merch Store


What do I do if my child has to miss a class?  Is there a refund?

PDT does not offer refunds for missed classes, but make up classes are available for all students.  If your child misses a class, you are welcome to bring them to any class of the same level.  For example: “Suzie missed her Jazz I class so she is going to take Ballet I in addition to her normal class next week.” Children love taking make up classes because it allows them to try different classes they may not have otherwise tried and make new friends!


I found the class I’m looking for but it is not showing up on my portal options?

Classes settings in the portal are separated by age and experience.  Example: If you have a child that is 4 years old and you are looking to register for Ballet I, you will not be able to register because Ballet I is for dancers 5 & up.  All available classes for your child will show up in your class options.  If your child’s instructor recommends your child be moved up to a more difficult class, we can manually add your child to the class, but only upon instructor request.


Do you offer an end of the year Recital?

Yes we do!  Our end of the year Recital is called “Body Language” and we hold it in the end of May/early June.


How do I sign up for the Recital?

If you would like your child to participate in our annual recital titled “Body Language” you will want to ask about sign up opportunities!  Sign up is typically in January so if you're joining us in February or March, be sure to check with your child's teacher on that!  We want to be sure every child gets the opportunity to perform so be sure we have you on our list!

My child wants to try out for the PDT Competition Team.  Where do I start?

First, you will want to find out what portion of the team your child is best suited for.  Once you decide which option suits your child best, you will want to request information from the director of that portion.  Links to these contacts can be found right here, on our  Competitive Team Page.


My child is in Middle/High School and looking for an alternative to public school, do you have a day program?

We do!  Our day program is the PDT Dance Arts Conservatory!  We cater to Middle and High School performing arts students interested in Dance, Singing, Acting, & Musical Theatre.  We have a full academic program providing an exceptional academic education as well as performing arts classes for students to hone in on their craft. 

Visit our Conservatory Page for more information on our Conservatory program.

Contact us

If you still have questions you are welcome to send us a message so we can help you!

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