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Updated: Feb 8

Please see the calendar for specific rehearsal, meeting and party times.

Sign up here for the Pot-Luck Dinner!



  • If you've signed up for a dish to pass, please bring that.

  • At the end of the evening please take your child's phone and any other electronic device HOME WITH YOU!!! NO PHONES, IPADs or anything electronic will be allowed!!!!! We want the kids to connect and have fun face to face. If there is a need to call home, Miss Katie and any chaperones will have phones available for communications. Any phones left after parents have gone home will be confiscated.

  • If you are chaperoning over night you will want an air mattress, PJ's, tooth brush and bedding, and perhaps sound blocking headphones. No, I'm not kidding. I've been doing this for 15 years. ;)


  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow

  • PJ's

  • Toothbrush

  • Personal Hand Sanitizer - We will have some too and remind you to use it frequently!

  • Energy! We have lots of fun things planned!


  • The potluck is for EVERYONE, parents and students. If you are brining a dish for the potluck, please keep in mind we have about 70 kids and their parents. Also, the kids graze all night long on snacks. We'll need quite a bit of food for this many people, the last potluck size from team night was PERFECT!

  • The Parent Meeting is MANDATORY. You will need at least 1 adult responsible for each child present at the meeting. We will be covering everything Competition and Universal. It may run a bit longer with several costume examples to display and instructions for each. Please have something to take notes with. Please be patient and enjoy the kids modeling their costumes! We may even give you a special sneak presentation of the production!

  • Parents are welcome to hang around for some of the fun, but dont think we wont put you in the games! We love parent participation in things like this, especially those who are competing too!

  • The doors will lock at midnight. If you have a younger dancer (Petite or Mini Ensemble/Crew) that is NOT staying the night they will need to exit by this time. If you have a child under the age of 7 staying over night, the PARENT MUST STAY TOO. Most little ones do not stay overnight, but are absolutely encouraged to stay for the fun and games!!!

  • We need a couple of chaperones to stay overnight and help Miss Katie with all of these kiddos. If you are willing & able please sign up!

  • We will also have some parents working on the set for Production and some costume alterations, if you'd like to help please sign up there too!

  • Pick up will be at 8:00am on Sunday Morning. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE PICKING UP YOUR CHILD. Those of us who have to stay up all night with the kids will need to get HOME to sleep. PLEASE and THANK YOU!!!

  • NO ONE will be permitted to leave until the studio is completely CLEAN. We will be waking up any sleeping children at 6:30am to begin clean up. If you show up to pick up your child at 7:00am and the studio is not clean, you will be handed a broom to join in the fun! When the studio is clean, you are absolutely welcome to take your child. :)

This is a SUPER FUN event for all of the kids. They look forward to it every year, we can't wait!!!