PDT "How To" Guide

How to Get Started

- To get started, browse our website and have a look around. You can find instructor information, schedules, registration & other important things to help you decide if PDT is a good fit for you or your child.

- The Information page is a good base to start from.

How to Sign Up For a Free Trial

- Once you have found the classes you want to register for, go to the Registration page and you can set up your free account in our portal.

- Within this portal you can sign up for a FREE trial class. All new students receive 1 free trial, additional trial classes may be purchased at $18 each.

- To sign up:

o Go to your portal’s main page.

o Select “Register for Classes”

o Find the class you’d like to try and select “Schedule Trial”

- Once you have done this, the system lets us know you’ll be joining us for a trial class!

How to Register:

- Once you’ve done your trial class and your child is ready to start classes you’ll need to register.

- Visit our Registration page Select the button at the bottom of the page that says “Log In or Create Your Account”

- If you have not done so already, create your family an account so you have a portal.

- Under “Manage Students” add your student’s information into our system.

- On the main page of your portal, select “Register For Classes”

- Search the list of classes and register your child in the classes of your choice. Be sure you have the correct campus, Allen or Prosper.

- If you have a balance, you can make a payment right from your portal. You can also enroll in auto pay if you would like your tuition automatically deducted. You’re all set!

How to Make Payments Online

- Once your family is entered in our system and we have enrolled your child in classes you will have the option to auto pay through the portal, OR make payments individually through the portal. In your portal you will be able to see your account anytime. You will see payment history, charges and all other items pertaining to your family’s account.

- You also have the option to visit our “Payments” page and pay via our online store if it is for special events such as tickets, master classes and other things.

How To Order Dance Wear & Spirit Gear

- There are links to both of these on our Dress Code page of the website.

- You can order leotards, tights & shoes from our Curtain Call for Class store. A complete list of permissible dress code attire is on our Dress Code page.

- You can order a bundle of different items from our Gear store and customize them so if your child leaves their item behind, we know who’s it is! Please be mindful, only black items will be allowed in class. Other fun items are allowed at competitions, conventions, school and anywhere else you’d like to sport your PDT spirit! PDT logos are allowed in class as long as they are on black clothing.

How to Know Closing Dates & Holidays

- Holidays, due dates, performances, competitions and other important dates are on the PDT Calendar.

- In the case of inclement weather:

  • PDT Allen follows the Allen ISD school closing policy. If Allen ISD closes for the day or after school activities, PDT Allen will close.

  • PDT Prosper follows the Prosper ISD school closing policy. If Prosper ISD closes for the day or after school activities, PDT Prosper will close.

- PDT will NOT close for many of the bank holidays. Please check the PDT Calendar on those dates to see if we still have class.

How to - Performances

- When performances come around, we will have a sign up at each studio for participation in performances. Recreational students are not required to perform, but we love for them to get the opportunity!

- When you sign up for a performance, you will get a notification in your portal for the performance & costume fees.

- We handle all costumes, sets, scenery etc for all performances. When your child’s costume is paid for and arrives to the studio, it will be sent home with you.

- Tickets are available online only. When tickets go on sale, we will send all parents a link to purchase tickets. Tickets are first come first serve so we recommend you purchase them as soon as they go on sale.

- The day of the show:

  • Tickets are also general admission only. On the day of performance, you will want to arrive early to get a good seat.

  • You will drop your child off at their specific call time and we will keep them in their dressing room, guide them on/off the stage and return them to the dressing room until show is over.

  • Afterwards you may pick up your child from their dressing room.

How to - Competitive Team

Interested in joining the competitive team?

  • Visit our Competitive Team page to learn more about the team options.

  • Auditions are typically held in May with a final audition in the end of July.

  • The competitive team is a full year commitment with incredible opportunities for all members!