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Is your child interested in becoming a part of the BEST competitive team in the DFW area!? PDT will be holding an online information meeting for the Competitive Teams on July 23, 2020 at 10:00am.  The link and meeting ID/Password can be found on our Calendar. (Button Below)


Final auditions will be held on Friday, July 24th!  

ALLEN Students

  • Performance Ensemble (Ages 9-19) - 10:00am

  • Mini Ensemble (Ages 6-8) - 11:30am

  • Petite Ensemble (Ages 4-6) - 9:30am

  • HipHop Crew (Ages 9-19)  -11:30am

  • Mini Crew (Ages 6-8) -11:00am

  • Petite Crew (Ages 4-6) - 9:00am


PROSPER Students

  • Performance Ensemble (Ages 9-19) - 2:00pm

  • Mini Ensemble (Ages 6-8) - 3:30pm

  • Petite Ensemble (Ages 4-6) - 1:30pm

  • HipHop Crew (Ages 9-19) 3:30pm

  • Mini Crew (Ages 6-8) - 3:00pm

  • Petite Crew (Ages 4-6) - 1:30pm

Ensemble Ladies

  • Please arrive in professional ballet attire (black leotard, pink tights, hair secure in a bun.)

  • Shorts or leggings may be worn for the second portion of the audition.

Ensemble Gentlemen

  • Please arrive with black shorts and black tank or t-shirt with knees visible.

All Ensemble

  • Please be prepared with shoes for Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary & Tap portions of the audition. If you have not yet had any tap training that is OK, we will note that on your forms.

HipHop Crew 

  • Please wear all black to your audition and bring tennis shoes.

  • You will be expected to free-style as well as learn a piece of choreography.

Results will be sent via email no later than Sunday July 26th.  Casting for competitive dances will be made at this time so please be sure your child attends the audition.  Ensemble forms must be filled out prior to Auditions.  Please contact us to request the link for the Competitive Team Form.

If your child is also auditioning for the Conservatory, please find additional information by clicking the Conservatory Information Button. 


Performance Ensemble

The PDTPE is our elite competitive performance company.  

Over the years, our performance ensemble has brought home countless awards both regionally and nationally for their talent and hard work.  Students who have graduated from the PDT Performance Ensemble have gone on to do amazing things, with dance and with other career choices.  Many have gone on to colleges and universities with scholarships, and on to become successful individuals with dance and/or whatever careers they may have chosen.  Students learn discipline, patience, dedication to their education and to themselves as they grow through our program.  

In today's society young people are being conditioned to expect immediate results with little to no effort.  Being involved with our program teaches young people that true accomplishment can only be acheived through pushing their personal limits, working, striving for and reaching their goals.  

If you would like more information on how to get your child involved with the PDT Performance Ensemble, please fill out the form below c/o Katie Miller



The PDT Hip Hop Crew is for students who love street dance and want to enter the competitive world.  Our Hip Hop Crew attends competitions and conventions and perform locally at festivals, events and showcases. For information on the HipHop Crew, contact Ms. Mary Barnett below.


Petite Ensemble

Is your little one Broadway bound?  The PDT Petite Ensemble is for tiny dancers ages 3-6 looking to enter the competitive dance world!  Our Petites attend competitions with the PDTPE and perform locally at festivals, events and showcases.  They get use to the stage and become big stars!  For more information on the Petite Ensemble please message Miss. Sharon Godsave below.

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