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What are People Saying?

When choosing a dance studio for your child, you are choosing an extended family.  Over the years, our family has blessed us with amazing people and incredible memories that will last a lifetime.  

I am so happy that my child attends PDT. She is learning dance, along with respect for others and discipline.  During the difficult times of Covid, PDT managed to keep my child active in her dance and socialize with her class.I like how the teachers check on each kid on their techniques even in Zoom class.  I appreciate all your efforts in providing kids with the best possible alternatives and keeping things moving for them.

- Adrienne

PDT has been an amazing experience!  Not just for my child but for others that have joined their Musical Theatre class.  Their choreography for Musical Theatre is outstanding and they have excellent repoire with the students and teachers. I have been blown away by the professionalism and quality of this school. 

- Charlotte

My granddaughter has been taking lessons at PDT for almost 2 years. It is a wonderful place and I would highly recommend it.


- Kathy

The staff is very professional, and are very welcoming & kind to parents. The focus being on teaching the kids the fundamentals needed is apparent! We couldn't be happier, and from what I have seen first hand,I really believe this is the right place for my daughter if she really wants to pursue dance. Long road, and lots of work, but this feels like the right place to be!


- Stacy

Our first year at PDT has been great! We love all the instructors and the overall positive atmosphere!

- Adrienne

We are impressed with all of the precautions PDT set in motion with this global pandemic. Was very pleased we were able to continue our season! 

- Christine

This is hands down the best studio in the area!

- Danee

PDT is the best dance family studio.  My daughter always wants to be there and is always so happy when she comes home. Thank you for making this a happy place for her to enjoy what she loves.

- Misty


I want to take a moment and brag on my girl, and the Dance Arts Conservatory. This morning I received a call from Maddie’s World Geography Teacher, telling me that Maddie has the SECOND highest grade out of ALL of her students!!! She said that Maddie is a total “BOMB SHELL” I was so pleased to hear this, as prior to attending the Conservatory, she definitely struggled in geography, so to hear she has the second highest grade at a 98.5, THRILLS ME!

The Dance Arts Conservatory, has provided her quiet, uninterrupted time and wonderful, one on one help when she needs it, that has allowed her to soar. Her academics are done through an online college prep course and the combination of these two have meant all the difference in the world, for Maddie’s learning and personal growth! She gets to incorporate her love of dance and arts, into her daily routine and has a highly skilled teacher a few feet away to help with anything she needs! 

I am especially grateful, during this challenging time, that Maddie has not had any interruptions in her academics, her academic work is all online and nothing has changed. While she isn’t getting to attend the conservatory physically, for now, due to all of the changes in the world, she still has ALL of her teachers available to her. They are available by call, text, messenger, chat, zooms, you name it! She is SUPPORTED! She continues to have zoom lessons from her dance school and her conservatory. I absolutely can’t recommend The Dance Arts Conservatory and The Plano Dance Theatre enough, especially during this time! They continue to work hard to support all students and I heard the artistic director end a zoom a day ago with “WHATEVER you all need, HOWEVER we can help you, we are here”!!! Y’all, that’s huge, these kids NEED to know that! I know we will beat this monster virus and soon, we will be back together and if you’re considering other schooling options for your arts minded, college bound student, I can’t say enough good about this school!
We 💜 The Dance Arts Conservatory & PDT Dance Arts!!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

- Audra

PDT has been great for my two girls. Both have improved more in the last two years than I ever expected.

- Teresa

We love Miss Katie and the Ballet/Tap class!

- Shonda

I am so pleased with everything. My girls have flourished and have found their dance family at PDT.  My older daughter went from being super shy and anxious to a confident young lady. PDT has taught her discipline, perseverance and goal setting.

- Jessica

We appreciate your expertise in Choreography and the fact that you make performance time a fun event, because at the end of the day, Kids want to do fun stuff.  The willingness to include the teachers/owners in performances is very special.  It makes you guys real to your teams, teens,us as parents, and our performance guests.

- Jeffrey

Love the Instructors and technical training my dancer receives at PDT!


My Daughter has never been happier.  PDT has given her confidence in herself, as well as expert training. My only complaint is that we didn't find it sooner!


PDT is my son's favorite place to be and it's all he ever talks about; we couldn't be happier!  

- Belinda

Prosper location is beautiful and the teachers are tough, but also kind and fun!

- JM

How are we doing?


Please feel free to share your personal PDT experience by leaving us a message and rating or using the links to leave a google review. Our instructors and staff are always looking to improve and we take great joy in knowing our students are happy in their dance home.


ALLEN                          PROSPER


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