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Mini Movers

For 2.5 to 5 year olds

Mini Movers is a combination class of Tap and Ballet using fun and creative ways to teach our little ones the basics of dance! Students learn balance, co-ordination, and creativity through fun activities within their dance classes!


For Ages 5 & Up

Beginner & Level I students ages 5 & up start with our Foundations program.  Students learn the foundations of dance, terminology, placement and basic fundamentals necessary to move into the higher level programs. 


Ballet is the foundation of dance.  Students learn placement, co-ordination, flexibility, strength and agility through ballet classes. It is recommended that students have ballet as one of your fundamentals program classes.



Tap class is recommended for growth in musicality, rhythm, and co-ordination.  This is a fun class to engage dancers and teach them to relate naturally to music.


Jazz class is an exciting way to get moving!  Jazz teaches flexibility, strength, and quick movement to get dancers moving with upbeat music.  



Hiphop is all the rage in todays world.  From TikTok dance trends to the latest moves, Hiphop is a fun and exciting class for all students 5 & up.  


Acrobatics is a fantastic everything up-side-down class!  Students learn flexibility, strength and fun tricks in this class in a safe & supported way.  


More Class options available! Get started to learn more about the opportunities PDT

provides for our students.


Excelled Program

For levels II - V, our excelled program involves a higher level of training for intermediate & advanced dancers.  After mastering the fundamentals of dance, students move into the excelled program levels to continue training.  New students with prior experience may be accepted into the excelled program after being evaluated by an instructor.

Competitive Team Program

For dancers dedicated to their dance training, PDT offers our competitive team training program. The competition team consists of dancers wanting to take their training to the next level.  Dancers on the competitive team work to perfect their technical performance, as well as life skills such as time management, working as a team, accountability and more.


Pre-Professional Conservatory

For serious dancers at the middle & high school age, PDT offers a Conservatory day program including academics & performing arts classes at the pre-professional level.  This program prepares young artists for college and careers in the dance industry.

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