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Nutcracker 2024 Information

PDT Dance Arts Presents "THE Nutcracker!"

Nutcracker Information


The Nutcracker has been Cast!  




Please check the cast list for your child's name and the part associated with his/her name.  

Once you have learned what part your child is cast in, please go to the Studio Calendar to see what day/time those parts rehearse. 

NOTE: This cast list is subject to change based on attendance and performance in rehearsals.  Most parts have understudies and/or split cast.  If your child does not attend rehearsals they risk losing the parts they are placed in! We value each and every participant!  Please note your child's rehearsal times and let us know as soon as possible if you have a signficant conflict.

Party Scene rehearsals will not begin until the end of July.

We are beyond excited for this year's Nutcracker cast!  It is going to be an incredible show!

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