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PDT Competitive Team

Competition 2021-2022 Information

Casting is set for our 2021-2022 season!  Please click the button to download the cast list! 

The schedule for Boot Camp Week is set!  Please click the button to download the schedule!  If we make any adjustments to the schedule, you will be notified prior to the start of Boot Camp and those updates can be found on the PDT Calendar.

Please note: There may be errors to casting.  If your child was accidentally cast in more pieces than you indicated on your form, please let us know asap.  

NUTCRACKER COSTUMES! - Costumes not pictured are being created by Miss Traci!

Clara & The Nutcracker (Nutcracker has a hat and boot spats.)


Mice, Rats & Rat King, Cavalry & Soldiers (Rat King has a crown & embelishments)


Snow Queen, Snow Flakes, Wind & Wind King (Wind has silver embellishments, Flakes have long tutus, Queen & King have crowns)

Snow Queen.jpg
Snow Flakes.jpg
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Sugar Plum, Tea (Caden), Tea (littles), Tea (Jenette), Coffee Girls

Sugar Plum Fairy.jpg
Tea Caden.jpg
Tea (Littles).jpg
Tea Jenette.jpg
Arabian Coffee.jpg

Marilitons, Chocolate, Trepek, Bonbons & Pepperment Sticks

Spanish Chocolate.jpg
Trepek Russian.jpg
BonBon Hat.jpg
Peppermint Sticks.jpg

Garland, Bouquets, Rosebuds & Rose

Waltz Garland.jpg
Waltz Bouquets.jpg
Waltz Rosebuds.jpg
Waltz Rose.jpg